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Careers at mora 

Mora an artisan food producer with a disruptive go-to-market business model.  We're actively seeking like-minded humans who are passionate about great food, proactive customer service and want to make a difference in the food system. 


Production Manager - COMING SOON 

Brand Ambassador - COMING SOON 

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handcrafted in ARIZONA

Well-known for breathtaking scenery and sunshine, Tucson is a one-of-a-kind place we are honored to call home. Not so familiar is that the Sonoran Desert has a food culture dating back 4,000 years. Its unique cuisine has developed through the layering and blending of prehistoric native wild foods;  ancient crops from Mesoamerica; plants and livestock that arrived in the Spanish Colonial period; and ingredients and dishes brought by settlers arriving from Asia and Latin America.


Today Tucson is a hotbed of innovation using local and heritage ingredients that bring a distinctive approach to food and the dining experience.  Mora is excited about contributing to this culture and sharing global inspired condiments developed through a Sonoran Desert lens to Arizona and beyond.

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Growing up in Chicago, my flavor journey began with Midwestern fare and Jewish classics passed down from my Bubbies. My Mom's passion is cooking and baking for those she loves, providing us an appreciation for flavor, and creating delicious food.


Moving to the West Coast birthed my love of Asian cuisine and ‘sweet-sour-salty-hot' tastes. I couldn’t get enough of these flavors and remain obsessed with discovering another new-to-me taste. Work took me to Europe and Latin America where my thirst for flavor expanded. I was a ‘Flavor Junkie’, addicted to experiencing the next mind-blowing bite.


Five years ago, I relocated to Tucson, awakening an awareness of heritage Sonoran ingredients and borderlands cooking. This crystallized Mora’s mission of creating big flavor condiments, inspired by global flavors through a Sonoran Desert lens.   


We look forward to sharing our tasty creations with you as you experience them with your people!

¡Buen Provecho!

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en la comunidad

As a start-up artisan food business we support and are supported by a network of local organizations: 

Tucson City of Gastronomy:  First recognized by UNESCO in 2015 and growing a sustainable desert community by supporting local creative food cultures. TCoG brings together the past, present and future of Southern Arizona’s food community. 

We are delighted to have qualified as a Certified Food Artisan for 2022 in the Supporting the Local Food Economy and Keeping Our Food Heritage Alive classifications. 

Startup Tucson:  Fostering local innovation and serving as an advocate, educator, and connector for Southern Arizona entrepreneurs.

Local First Arizona:  Connecting people, locally-owned businesses, and communities for meaningful actions that build a diverse, inclusive and prosperous Arizona economy.

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